Business Litigation

With over 20 years of experience in successful business litigation cases, the Law Office of Jack L. Haan, P.C., is skilled in handling both routine and complex cases with a commitment to success.

Jack L. Haan has experience dealing with any and all kinds of complex business litigation, regardless of size. Whether the action involves collecting money due to your business, protecting confidential business information, resolving owner disputes, or advising clients on insurance claim disputes, Jack L. Haan ensures that he will seek a fair and favorable outcome for you and your business.

Through all of its practices, the Law Office of Jack L. Haan, P.C., is committed to “The Firm’s Promises to its Clients.” These promises include returning phone calls within 24 hours, communicating regularly with clients, servicing all clients timely and efficiently, and providing detailed billings. Jack L. Haan is dedicated to making sure that all clients receive the care and attention that they deserve.

If you or your business is looking for quality legal services to handle your complex business litigation needs, please contact the Law Office of Jack L. Haan, P.C.

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The Firm’s Promise to its Clients

Coordinating overall strategy with clients.
Returning phone calls within 24 hours.
Providing timely service.
Communicating regularly on the status of projects.
Providing detailed invoices.