Corporate Transactions

With the Law Office of Jack L. Haan, P.C., clients can rest assured that all corporate transactions will be handled professionally with the quality legal services of an experienced business lawyer. Jack L. Haan will communicate and work diligently with business decision makers for all aspects of corporate transactions. With over 20 years of experience, Jack L. Haan is both knowledgeable and experienced in ensuring client success regarding any corporate transaction

Jack L. Haan practices under “The Firm’s Promises to its Clients.” Through this promise, Jack L. Haan will make sure that all corporate transactions are handled in a timely, responsible, and detailed manner.

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The Firm’s Promise to its Clients

Coordinating overall strategy with clients.
Returning phone calls within 24 hours.
Providing timely service.
Communicating regularly on the status of projects.
Providing detailed invoices.