Firm Overview

Started in June, 2012, the Law Office of Jack L. Haan, P.C., focuses on representing businesses and business owners in small business litigation, disputes and transactions. Located in Palos Heights, IL, the Law Office of Jack L. Haan is passionate about providing high quality legal services at reasonable rates. With practice areas in small business litigation, corporate transactions, and other types of litigation, the Law Office of Jack L. Haan, P.C., is fully capable of attaining success for its wide range of clients and client cases.With over 20 years of experience as lead counsel in winning complex small business litigation disputes, Jack L. Haan has a proven track record of delivering positive results for clients. He achieves success for his clients through meticulous case analysis and strategic planning, zealous efficiency, concise and persuasive writing skills, deposition questioning and discovery investigation, astute decision-making abilities, and savvy trial skills.

If you are looking for a business attorney, please contact the Law Office of Jack L. Haan, P.C. to assist you in all of your legal challenges.

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The Firm’s Promise to its Clients

Coordinating overall strategy with clients.
Returning phone calls within 24 hours.
Providing timely service.
Communicating regularly on the status of projects.
Providing detailed invoices.