In addition to its business litigation practices, the Law Office of Jack L. Haan, P.C., is experienced in general civil litigation cases involving real estate, disputes with government entities, and many other kinds of litigation cases. As your litigation lawyer, Jack L. Haan will remain sensitive to the personal nature of private litigation by taking care of all matters in a quick, efficient, and professional manner.

Regardless of which litigation assistance clients require, the Law Office of Jack L. Haan, P.C. is committed to upholding “The Firm’s Promises to its Clients.” This is a statement of several promises that list Jack L. Haan’s dedication as a professional litigation lawyer to return all phone calls, be readily available for all communication, provide ease of service, offer detailed billings, and fulfill all legal services in a timely manner.

To attain legal assistance from a knowledgeable and successful litigation lawyer, contact the Law Office of Jack L. Haan, P.C.

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The Firm’s Promise to its Clients

Coordinating overall strategy with clients.
Returning phone calls within 24 hours.
Providing timely service.
Communicating regularly on the status of projects.
Providing detailed invoices.