Successful Cases

With 20 years of experience in his legal career, Jack L. Haan has obtained numerous successful court or arbitration results for business owners and their businesses, including the following:

  • In a corporate dissolution lawsuit in Cook County, won a trial ruling that millions of dollars in property items were fixtures of real property, which led to a $6 million settlement for our client.
  • Won and collected a $336,000 arbitration award (including reimbursement of all legal fees) for a cash-strapped business owner, while completely defeating a $1,000,000 counterclaim filed by a large company defendant which tried to pressure the owner into an unfavorable settlement.
  • Won a $300,000 verdict in federal court at a jury trial on behalf of a retired investor against a bank which imprudently invested and managed the client’s IRA account.
  • Assisted in successfully defending a large utility company in a jury trial against a $6 million dollar breach of contract action by achieving a verdict below $2 million.
  • Won a complete jury verdict in defending a husband and wife accused of securities fraud.
  • Obtained a non-dischargeable judgment for $2 million against a debtor in federal bankruptcy court for real estate fraud against my client.
  • Successfully defended business clients accused of defamation by winning jury verdict which awarded only $500 in nominal damages to plaintiff.
  • Obtained a $2.5 million arbitration award against a national investment firm.
  • Won a federal court judgment for $850,000 for a business owner against his business partner, which established the equal sharing of a personally guaranteed debt to a bank.
  • Mediated a $475,000 settlement for our client in a dispute regarding the value of his stock options after receiving only an initial firm offer of only $100,000.
  • Overturned an injunction order obtained by Citicorp against our software provider client.

While many of the above results involve significant sums of money, Jack L. Haan also represent clients on common business problems which they daily encounter, such as:

  • Collecting A/R for clients in court proceedings by doggedly pursuing delinquent accounts. One specific example is my collection of a $3,000.00 judgment for business owners after their prior counsel failed to act timely on their behalf in collecting the judgment.
  • Drafting business contracts to protect confidential business information, business assets, and monetary interests.
  • Advising clients on claim coverage disputes with insurance companies.
    Representing clients on disputes or issues with local government entities. For example, I recently assisted a client by defeating a Village in court on five alleged ordinance violations against my client.

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