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Coordinating overall strategy with clients; Returning phone calls within 24 hours; Providing timely service; Communicating regularly on the status of projects; Providing detailed invoices.

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Jack Haan has over 20 years of successful experience.

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We handle corporate transactions & business litigation cases.
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We handle corporate, business and general civil litigation cases. We look forward to serving you.

Business Litigation

With over 20 years of experience in successful business litigation cases, the Law Office of Jack L. Haan, P.C., is skilled in handling both routine and complex cases with a commitment to success.

Corporate Transactions

With the Law Office of Jack L. Haan, P.C., clients can rest assured that all corporate transactions will be handled professionally with the quality legal services of an experienced business lawyer.


In addition to its business litigation practices, the Law Office of Jack L. Haan, P.C., is experienced in general civil litigation cases involving real estate, disputes with government entities, and many other kinds of litigation cases.